New documents

Please click  the link here to download the parking letter R.E Dene Garth/North View.

Please click the link here to download the revised bus timetable.

Please click the link here village life article r.e. rural community transport october 17th 2016

Please click the link here to view the latest minutes (September) or alternatively view on the council minutes page.

Sewage Problem

There is a sewage smell throughout the village both outside and in many properties. This has been reported to the parish council and has been going on for a considerable number of months. The clerk is writing a letter to Northumberland water. If any residents are experiencing similar problems in their properties or has smelt sewerage around the village can they please report to Northumberland water. The phone number is 03457171100. Northumberland water are starting investigation work next week and need as much information as possible.

Bus Meeting

A public meeting for residents of Elwick and Dalton Piercy parishes only will be held on Thursday 15th September at 6:00pm in the Elwick W.I. Hall. Please come along to hear  about the new Community Rural Transport Scheme which will serve our two villages.

Dalton Piercy Village Design Statement

It is intended that this design statement will be adopted by Hartlepool Borough Council as supplemental guidance to policies in the Hartlepool plan. It has been prepared to try and capture and preserve the special characteristics of the village so that they can be used to inform and direct planning issues which will present in the village’s future.

Please click here to view: Dalton Piercy Village Design Statement


June minutes – Live now!

Put the kettle on, crack open the biscuit tin, and get comfy because the June minutes are now up and running. You can get ’em while they’re hot by clicking here, or by visiting our council minutes page (under the About us section).


Tawny Owl at Dalton

Latin name: Strix aluco

The tawny owl is nocturnal, you can often hear its night calls, but much less often see it during the daytime. You can find one all year round. Its diet consists of small mammals, small birds, frogs, fish, insects and worms.

Did you know?

The hooting of a male tawny owl is frequently used in TV and radio programmes and films to capture the atmosphere of night. It is often wrongly used in Irish dramas because tawny owls haven’t actually occurred in Ireland.



Sunrise at Dalton

I had to be up before 5am to capture this sunrise, looking out onto the Dalton Heights fields. If you have any Dalton snaps you would like to submit to the website, please leave a comment and get in touch.